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Hi there!

My name is Amber, and I live two lives. I am a Pilates trainer outside “normal” working hours, and a small business and environmental attorney during the day. I know, I know – what an odd combination. But the pursuit of physical strength and environmental strength compliment each other, and have allowed me to carve out a lifestyle that suits me just right. I am excited to have recently moved to the RiNo (River North) neighborhood near downtown Denver, CO, just a half mile from Coors Field Ballpark.

My personal practice of Pilates has evolved from my background in dance and movement. I studied dance for nearly 20 years, mostly ballet, but also other forms, from modern to hip hop to kathak. It was during my childhood that I was initially introduced to Pilates as a strength training practice that could improve my dancing.

As I explored other forms of athleticism (Capoeira, P90X, running, plyometrics), I learned I couldn’t always muscle my way through movement, but needed to learn efficient body mechanics. In other words, my whole body had to be involved in movement in a way that made it efficient, using as much muscle as needed, but no more than necessary. I had to learn to use all of my muscles, not just the big ones that are so easy to rely on like my quads. I liken it to how a Pronghorn doesn’t break its stride to jump over a fence; instead, it enlists every muscle to lengthen its body and run right under the fence… never missing a beat. Curious about what Pronghorns could possibly have to do with Pilates and why they’re the best runners in the world?

With this new outlook, I returned to Pilates to take what I had learned about muscle control and expand on it in a more positive and effective manner. Pilates incorporates all that I loved about ballet (except for the flying) and lets go of the negative body image and unforgiving drive for perfection. Pilates is based on the premise that every body is unique – with its own peculiarities and imbalances, weaknesses and strengths. Through it, I work toward healthier and stronger, but not perfect, body mechanics. Pilates is the best way to improve your body’s ability to function efficiently.

When I trained in the Balanced Body method, I studied not just technique, but anatomy; recent scientific findings related to movement; cross training with Pilates for athletes; pre- and post-natal Pilates; common alignment anomalies and dysfunctions; and Pilates for various physical ailments like osteoporosis, spinal stenosis and spondylolythesis. I have also studied the Pfilates technique of training your pelvic floor through plyometrics.

I bring 7 years of teaching experience, and currently guest teach at two Pilates studios in the Denver area – one is physical therapy-based and the other dance-based. At my home studio I offer private Pilates strength training for all levels, from post-physical therapy exercise, to athletic cross training.

Contact me for more information or to get started. I am excited to get you moving better and stronger!


Here’s a gratuitous picture of me and my friend, Merida, who was the Best Lamb at my wedding:

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