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I started taking pilates right after I found out I was pregnant. Amber did an amazing job tailoring each of my sessions to acccommodate my changing body. I know that my pregnancy was somewhat of a challenge as it limited me and my abiliites, but Amber didn’t see it as a challenge but more of an opportunity and was more than happy to work with me. She gave careful thought on how to proceed each week and was very intune to my body’s limits and  got very creative in making me and my ever growing belly feel comfortable and supported while working through the various poses. As I got larger Amber would again adjust my sessions to work on areas where I was having pregnancy pain (typically my lower back) and showed me some easy moves to do during the week to help alleviate the pain. I looked forward to my sessions each week as I always felt very relaxed and rejuvinated when I left. I can’t thank Amber enough for working with me and making this wonderful but physically challenging time easier. I can’t wait to start my sessions back up!

~ Lori, New Mom and Landscape Architect/Planner


I have never taken Pilates before and after a few sessions, thanks to Amber’s leadership, I was hooked! Amber is a great instructor. Throughout each session she finds a balance of supporting your needs and challenging you to new heights.

~ Kathi, Instructional Coach and Avid Runner


Amber is a really talented pilates instructor.  I started out as a total newbie to pilates, and over the course of a few months had learned so much about effective technique and strength building.  Amber goes out of her way to not just provide a good workout, but to simultaneously take the time to teach mechanics and form in a very detail-oriented manner. Each lesson was different so her classes never became routine.  And, best of all, she is a fun, outgoing person with a great sense of humor, so classes are always both fun and beneficial.  I recommend her to everyone! 

~ Melanie, Environmental Attorney and Outdoor Enthusiast

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