I offer customized strength training, specifically tailored to your goals and lifestyle. Contact me below for a free half hour consultation if you would like to learn more.

If you are a runner, Pilates can help you improve your stride, lengthen your hamstrings, and enhance your foot and ankle strength. If you enjoy rock climbing, we can focus on improving the mobility and stability of your shoulder girdle while releasing tightness in your upper traps and tightness in your chest. If you sit at a computer or in your car all day, Pilates can help you support a healthier posture through finding thoracic extension and improved shoulder organization. If you play golf, tennis or baseball, we can strengthen your shoulder and pelvis stability while increasing rotational mobility and decreasing lower back pain. If you have body imbalances, which we all do, I can help you strengthen weak areas and release tight areas to encourage equal participation of muscles in healthy movement. If you simply want more mobility, we can work on proper body mechanics and core strength to allow you to do the things you want to do without pain.

I utilize mat and Reformer exercises, along with various traditional and nontraditional props, to customize your Pilates workout for what your body needs to function better and stronger in your life. Let Pilates be your guidebook to proper body mechanics. Read more about Pilates.

Pronghorn Pilates does not accept walk-ins. If you know what you want, go to Purchase a Package. If Pilates is new to you, or you want to know how it can help as a cross-training technique, contact me below to schedule a free half hour consultation.

Fill out the form below or contact me at PronghornPilates @ or 415.430.7387 to learn more or schedule an introductory session.



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Payment and Cancellation Policy

Payment arrangements are required prior to scheduling your session. I use Chase QuickPay to process payments. When you fill out the below form, or email me at PronghornPilates @, I will send you an email invoice through Chase QP. It is fast, free and confidential.

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** No-shows and late cancellations (within 24 hours) will not receive a refund.


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