Why Pronghorns?


Well… simply put – they’re a great analogy for the goals of Pilates.

Incredible Strength through Efficient Muscle Use

Pronghorns are deceptively delicate looking with long, lean muscles. But they are the fastest animal on Earth over long distances. They can run up to 55/60 mph and their longest stride is over 7 meters long. Yes, 7 meters. Cheetahs beat them in speed, just barely, and only over short distances. Cheetahs would also make a good analogy with their similarly efficient mechanics and lean design, though they lack the endurance pronghorns excel at. But we’re in Colorado, so pronghorns it is…

Pronghorns are particularly reliant on proper body mechanics and the efficient use of muscles. Since they live in areas with nutrient-poor foods, like high desert plains, pronghorns have developed those small inner muscles to support their movements. By doing this, the large and calorie-hungry muscle groups are not forced to overdevelop.

Those smaller, inner muscles provide enduring strength. Over-reliance on those superficial (surface) muscles we love so much like our quads and traps leaves a structural weakness that can result in pulls, strains and joint damage. Take it from the strongest runner in the world – having balanced muscles (larger and smaller, inner and outer) working as a team takes the pressure off of joints and individual muscles. Read more about our state’s lovable pronghorn antelope’s amazing athletic ability.