Giving Up to Be More

Every year, many of us make a decision to add something to our lives, or change something about who we are. But how are we to add without first making room?

I was at a retreat with my colleagues and friends at Park Meadows Pilates & Physical Therapy a couple of weekends ago. Of the many inspiring discussions, one was focused on what we wanted to do in the coming year. We talked about personal growth and business expansion. At one point, someone stated that in order to add something, you need to make room for it.

So true. Yet I never thought about it like that before.

I never thought about making space for growth. I always just plowed into adding a habit, or changing a quality. But it makes sense. Why not take a look at what makes it so difficult to grow or change? And why not give up something you don’t need, or don’t like? What are you holding on to it for?

In another corner of my heart is a friend who is in the process of de-cluttering her physical space. She is going through everything she owns and asking herself, “does this give me joy?” and choosing whether to keep or discard. What a beautiful process.

I would like to add some quiet to each day. It doesn’t have to be much – just a moment, here and there. I tend to just keep going… all day long. Once I get started, I just stay at this heightened state of activity until the end of the day. And then I crash.

Part of what inhibits my ability to come to rest between projects is the exhilaration of the go go go. I feel a sense of pride of everything I have accomplished when I just keep going all day without coming up for air. But then I completely crash into a state of hypo-arousal when I get home and am incapable of accomplishing anything. This leaves no room for mindfulness.

So, I am going to let go in order to make room for growth. I am going to let go of my addiction to that adrenaline high and allow myself the space to find some quiet in my day to recharge.

The first step is to see myself. The next step is to change myself.

What are you going to give up?

Pondering life in Venezuela, 2007

Pondering life in Venezuela, 2007

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  1. kimmer says:

    Wow, what a great thought process. The writing and the photo inspire me.


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