Make your 2015 New Year’s Resolution a Habit, Part IV: Empathy

We are one week into the New Year now. Time to check in on how your resolution(s) are going. It is all too easy to slip back into old habits and either give up or completely forget that we had a resolution in the first place.

In the first post in this series, I talked about the neurology of habit-making and -breaking. This is the place in the journey where that knowledge becomes even more useful. Knowing how hard it is, and that there is a scientific, neurological reason for it being so, is the perfect basis for empathy.

Be kind to yourself. If you haven’t met your goal completely this week, say, “okay, that was hard. But this week will be easier.” Go back to visualizing it in your schedule and seeing yourself do it. Then go do it.

This is an experiment. Experiments don’t fail, they have findings and conclusions. If your findings match your hypothesis (i.e. that they will get you to your goal), great. Keep doing what you’re doing, and use those findings for continuing motivation. If your findings are unclear, then maybe you need to take a breath, reenergize yourself and start next week fresh and refocused. If your findings do not match your hypothesis, or just don’t feel right, then perhaps you need to go back to the previous post and find a new methodology that will work for you… or a new goal.

Regardless of what happens, you will have tried something new and learned something about yourself. Be empathetic. We already know that it is not easy to create and follow a new pathway. Sometimes we veer off course. That’s okay. The important thing is to get yourself back on course, or create a different course that will ultimately get you to your goal.

Be healthy and strong, be you.

~ Amber

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